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Тепловизор ИРТИС -2000


IRTIS software package is easy to operate in the field conditions.

It is included in the standard set of the IR-system of the IRTIS-200, and contains a driver to control the IR-camera.

It provides the visualisation, analysis, processing, recording, viewing, and printing of thermograms within the limits sufficient for effective operation of the IR-system.

IR-camera software driver

  • Provides data acquisition and real-time visualisation of thermal images
  • Displaying the max, min and average temperature in frame
  • Stop frame mode for preliminary analysis of thermograms
  • Recording of Dynamic Thermal Imaging film
  • Saving of thermal images to file
  • Temperature measurement mode
  • Autotuning of dynamic temperature range
  • Entering the emissivity
  • Choice of palettes
  • Time summation mode

Thermal image analysis options

  • Viewing of thermograms in a polyscreen or full-screen mode
  • Measurement of an absolute temperature in a point or zone
  • Plotting of thermoprofiles in any section
  • Plotting of isotherms
  • Plotting of temperature versus time
    for Dynamic Thermal Imaging film
  • Thermograms printing and report generation

Support functions

  • Directory listing
  • File listing
  • File copying utilities
  • User defined setup
  • Choice of palettes
  • Choice of screen modes

Post-processing options

  • Smoothing
  • Sharpening
  • Contrasting
  • Cutting
  • Rotation
  • Color correction
  • Special processing
  • Image conversion to PCX-format
  • Printing
Moscow, Russia
tel. (+7 495) 972-2265
tel./fax: (+7 495) 624-2351
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