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Software IRPreview allows to load, view and proces with thermograms. This software works with ВЕМ file fomat.

For installation it is necessary unarchive self-extraction archive IRPrev.exe.
The program automatically distinguishes DTV thermograms files after first start,
and provides loading DTV files from any file manager.

Download self-extraction archive IRPrev.exe. (Version from 30.07.2009)

Thermogram examples in format DTV :

Power Engineering:

elektro.exe - All thermoimages of power engineering - Local heating of high voltage transformer - Oil level determination in transformers tank - Short circuit of generators stator - Contact overheating because of bolted-type connection breach - Defective contact of high-frequency rejector

Power resources saving

city.exe - All thermoimages of power resources saving
с - Violation of building panels thermo isolation
с - Obstruction of hot-water radiator sections
с - Break of underground heating main
с - Heat leakage from junction of bearing-wall building
с - Destruction corner of apartment house


industry.exe - All thermoimages of of industry - Inside breach of cooling tower wall - Thermo-control of chimneys
i003 .dtv - Non-uniform heating of rolling mill rollers
i004 .dtv - Defective thermo-isolation of overground pipeline
i005 .dtv - Chemical synthesis column furnace violation

Machine building

machine.exe - All thermoimages of machine-building - Metro rolling-stock transmission testing - Different pressure in compressors cylinders - Overheating of collar bearing of electric motor shaft - Thermo-control of a component during laser hardening - Cockpit of helicopter containment testing

Public health

medicine.exe- All thermoimages of medicine Breast cancer - Trombophlebitis - Osteochondrosis - Violated blood circulation after stroke - Blood circulation recovering after reimplantation

Moscow, Russia
tel. (495) 972-2265
tel./fax: (495) 624-2351
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