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Тепловизор ИРТИС-2000, соединенный с ноутбуком

Thermograph IRTIS-2000 C

The optimum choice of functional capabilities
and cost for a wide range og applications

IRTIS-2000 C is a precision scanning infrared device for visualisation and measurement of thermal fields.

The configuration of IRTIS-2000 C is optimised for high technical parameter
achievement with the use of relatively simple technological solutions while
combination with the state-of-the-art computer technologies ensures
highly effective application of IRTIS-2000 C for a wide range of problem.

IRTIS-2000 is based on the experiments we gained during 30 years of research
in the field of thermography with entering of mobility standard in systems
of electric power, fuel, chemical and oil-production complexes,
municipal services, development, medicine and other spheres.

The operation principle

The operation principle of IRTIS-2000 C is based on scanning of thermal radiation
in a field of view of a camera by an optic-mechanical scanner and a with
single-element high repeatable IR-receiver with transformation of this radiation into
an electrical signal by the analog-digital converter.

The camera has mirror-lens optics with a small number of reflecting surfaces,
which minimizes losses of the optical system and simplifies its adjustment.
This makes it possible to obtain a high repeatability of the geometry
of successive frames and uniform sensitivity over the entire frame field.

High sensitivity and stable characteristics

The basic model of the camera is provided with an IR-receiver cooled by liquid nitrogen.
This ensures a high sensitivity of the camera (better than 0,05 C) even when the camera operates
at low temperatures in the 3-5 microns range, allows the parameters of the IR-receiver to be stabilized regardless
of the ambient temperature, and provides for accurate measurement of absolute temperatures.
On request the camera may be provided with an IR-receiver with thermoelectric cooling.

The interface unit of the device is mounted inside the IR-scanner and can be connected to any computer (notebook)
through a parallel printer port without any supplementary equipments, what makes higher effectiveness and obtains
a market improvement of system and makes it possible to upgrade the device
(if a new computer elaboration and programs will be made).

The experience which we have gained during many years of reseach in the field of thermography indicates
that for most practical applications it is enough to scan the frame for the 1-2 secretary, because thermal processes
of objects under investigation occur at much lower speed.
The real-time which determines the operating speed of the system depends not only on frame scanning speed
but also on the time required to display and analyze the in formation and record the thermograms.

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Moscow, Russia
tel. (+7 495) 972-2265
tel./fax: (+7 495) 624-2351
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